At this moment. What are you thinking?

Close your eyes, and ask:

What story are you telling yourself?

During a consultation with various prospective clients, it amazes me how many times they’ll tell me what they don’t want. Then I’ll ask them again, “What would you like more of in your life. Professionally. Personally?” Guess what? More times than not, they again tell me what they don’t want.

It’s a funny thing. The more you focus on what you don’t want, you get more of it.

As a professional coach, I partner with clients to provide a safe space for them to focus on what’s really important.

In this multitasking world we live in, the masses make a choice to try and juggle it all at once. That’s their choice.

Clients hire a coach because they make a choice they’re worth the investment. They make a choice to hit the pause button from the busyness of their daily lives. They make an intentional choice to change their circumstances. They make a choice to move in the direction to who they want to become.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

What about you? What choices are you making? How do you spend your thinking time? Who do you want to become?

You might be thinking to:

Where your focus goes, your focus grows.

Now, you can continue to focus on what you don’t want. Continue to keep saying the platitudinous phrase – it is what it is. – Continue to listen to those little voices that says hiring a coach won’t help. (Ya, many of you think this way.)

Or, you can tell your – Itty Bitty Shitty Committee – to get lost and focus on what you do want.

You have a choice. What will you choose?

Reach out to me and schedule a consultation by phone or Skype to discuss your endgame.

I found this poem germane to the discussion of choice and what we give attention to in regards to our thoughts.

What I Want

Poet: Unknown

I Am Powerful!
Whatever I set my mind on having, I will have.
Whatever I decide to be, I will be.
The evidence is all around me.
The power of my Will has brought me precisely to where
I am right now.

I have made the choices. I have held the thoughts.
I have taken the actions to create my current reality.
And I have the power to change it into whatever I want it to be.
With the choices I make, I am constantly fulfilling the vision I have for my life.
If that does not seem to be the case –
Then I am deceiving myself about what I really want.
Because what I really, truly want, I will get!

What I truly wanted in the past, I already have.

If I want to build a billion-dollar business, I will take the actions necessary to do it.
If I want to sit comfortably watching TV night after night –
I will take the actions necessary for that.
Don’t be disappointed in my results –
they’re just the outward manifestation of my priorities.
I will be sure of what I truly want,
because I am sure to get it!

Photo by Luis Marina.

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