You want things to be better. A better job, relationship, business, leadership skills, bank account, body to name a few.

A better life.

You want to take that most important first step but (there’s always a but) you’re afraid of something. Could be you’re:

  • Afraid of success
  • Afraid of failure
  • Afraid of what others might think aka Approval Addiction

Think back to the scariest thing you’ve ever done.  Was it scary? I doubt it. 

It’s been my experience people are afraid of all the steps it’s going to take to achieve their endgame. They’re afraid of the expedition, trek, and the uncertainty along the peregrination.

You’re afraid that everything will remain the same.

Return to the first sentence of this post. I’ve done them all. Why is that important?

It’s important because as a thinking partner, I believed in my bones that it was sine qua non (essential) that I model the way and go first for my prospects and clients. I’ve lived this philosophy since 2005.

It’s important because I know what it’s like to go after my endgame not knowing all the steps I’ll need to take.

It’s important because I can make your transition easier for you. I said easier, not easy. You must commit.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, I know where the surprises are along the path. As your thinking partner I can help mitigate and soften the bumps you’ll encounter along the way.



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