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If you have any of the following scenarios, let’s have a consultation to discuss working together.

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Typical client scenarios:

  • Your business has reached a plateau and you want to take it to the next level.
  • You have high potential Generation Y players on your team and want to give them a leadership upgrade. Gen Y’s and I light each other up!
  • You’re in transition and need clarity and direction.
  • You have a problem hiring great people. I have a scientific approach to hire A players.
  • You want to upgrade the communication skills between Boomers and Generation Y.
  • You want to increase the emotional intelligence of your salespeople so they sell more and compress the sales cycle.
  • You’ve promoted someone and want their new team to achieve an extraordinary goal.
  • You hate your job and want to transition out of an unfulfilling career to one that pays the light bill and lights you up!
  • You want to create a “Blue Ocean” strategy. This is where your clients say they’d be out of their minds to do business with anyone but your company.

I provide the following services by phone, Skype, or on site:

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