Over the last 10 years, my word choices are becoming bigger and brighter on my radar screen. As an executive coach, I ask oodles of questions. Deep questioning is what helps my clients create huge shifts in their personal and professional lives.

I’m a logophile. This means I’m fascinated with words. I’m working towards becoming a wordsmith; an expert in the use of words. Though, I’m not sure what school you attend to get a Degree in Wordsmith. Ha!

Asking the right question at the right time is part of what I do as a business coach. Sometimes, my inquiries will stop the client right in their tracks. Like a right cross out of left field that lands with a thunderous thump!

These moments aren’t planned; they simply happen in the moment.

I know I’ve asked a provocative question when I can hear a pin drop on the other side of the phone. (Most of my coaching is done by phone or Skype.) I give the client plenty of space to percolate in the question and give it serious thought. Eventually the client responds in a way that deepens their awareness and many times surprises me.

I’ve been recovering from surgery and doing a lot of research in between coaching calls. While I lay semi-vertical and semi-horizontal in my La-Z-Boy I had “words on the brain” and the universe delivered. I stumbled upon an interesting site called Wordle. Jonathan Feinberg, the creator of the site, allows you to create word clouds from text that you provide.

I decided to create a word cloud based on the End Game Business blog posts. I simply submitted my blog url to Wordle and seconds later, voila! (see below) In fact, the program enhances the size of the font of the words you use most frequently. I smiled with approval after seeing my very own word cloud. It was like giving birth. Isn’t she so cute. Ha!

As a leader, what words do you say the most? How are your choice of words and the way you say them affecting those around you? Your language influences how people feel about you and how you make them feel and perform. Words are powerful. Choose them wisely.

So if you’re like me, jump into the word pool and create your own cloud at Wordle.


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