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Today’s essay explores:  When should you hire a coach?

One question to ask yourself:

“How coachable are you?”


I have a tool to help you answer this question.

The following is a Coachability Index created by Coach U.

Coach University aka Coach U is where I learned my coaching skills. I’m also a faculty leader at this blue chip ICF coaching school founded by the father of coaching, Thomas Leonard.

If you’re considering hiring a coach, rate each statement on a scale of 1 – 5 with five being the most favorable score you can give yourself.

The higher your total score on the Coachability Index, you’re probably ready to hire a coach. There are lots of good ones out there. Make sure you ask the right questions during your prospective coach consultation.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with me, drop a note at

If your total digits are at the lower end of the scale, what needs to change to increase your score and hire a certified coach and begin the journey of slaying your endgame?


Circle the number, which comes closest to representing how true the statement is for you right now. ( A rating of 5 means it’s totally true for you.)

Then, score yourself, using the key at the bottom of the page. Your coach needs for you to be at the place in life where you are coachable.

This survey helps me- and you – discover how coachable you are right now.

Coachability Index

  • I can be relied upon to be on time for all calls and appointments.


  • This is the right time for me to accept coaching.


  • I am fully willing to do the work and let the coach do the coaching.


  • I keep my word without struggling or sabotaging.


  • I’ll give the coach the benefit of the doubt and “try on” new concepts or different ways of doing things.


  • I will speak straight (tell what’s really true) to the coach.


  • If I feel that I am not getting what I need or expect from the coach, I will share this as soon as I sense it and ask that I get what I want and need from the relationship.


  • I am willing to eliminate or modify the self-defeating behaviors which limit my success.


  • I have adequate funds to pay for coaching and will not regret or suffer about the fee.


  • I see coaching as a worthwhile investment in my life.  I am someone who can share the credit for my success with the coach.

TOTAL SCORE ( add up all your numbers)


10 – 20 Not coachable right now.

21 – 30 Coachable, but make sure ground rules are honored!

31 – 40 Coachable.

41 – 50 Very coachable; ask the coach to ask a lot from you!


How did you do?

If you feel this is a good time to explore coaching, I offer a complimentary consultation without strings.

Tell me your total score  by calling or texting 315.303.2180 or schedule an appointment ——–> here.

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