This week has been cra-cra!

If there was ever a week, where I had a legitimate excuse for not having the time to write a blog post, this would be the week. I’m cookin a half dozen meals at the same time.

I will not be deterred!

Two years ago, I made a personal contract with myself, to write something, anything, once a week and post it to my blog. This week will be no different.

Post number 113 is about to leave the gate.

Decisions write the script for your future story.

I got the idea for this post after listening to Andy Stanley’s podcast “Your Move.”  This insightful talk focused on the decisions that shape the stories of our lives.

Think of all the decisions you’ve faced. Decisions you’ve made in the past. Choices you’ll make today. Decisions you’re contemplating making in the future.

What drove, or is driving your decision making process? Did you make these choices to avoid pain or gain pleasure? Was your decision based on the path of least resistance? What was it that made you turn left or right? Choose Door number 1 vs. Door number 2 vs. Door number 3?

According to Stanley, and I concur, the decisions we make are the components of the script of the overall future story we want to tell.

As you contemplate that next big decision, I ask you this:

What’s the future story you want to tell?


The decisions you make will shape your story.

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