It’s been approximately one year since I seriously started to blog. I want to thank my friend and fellow blogger, Mitch Mitchell, for encouraging me to jump into the blog pool.

About 18 months ago, Mitch said something like, “You’ve got things to say that people want to hear.” I appreciated the compliment. Though, I kept resisting in spite of his encouragement.

It took another six months before I developed the courage to put my blog trunks on, expose all the imperfections of my writing ability, and jump in. Check that. I more or less, waded into the coaching blogosphere.

During the past year, though it took some time, I became acclimated with the blogging waters. At first, I gingerly walked in up to my knees writing posts slowly but surely. I’m 6’5″ so I have to walk a long ways into the ocean for water to go above my knees. I’d stand there a while, jumping in the air, making futile attempts to avoid the incoming waves splashing against my torso. Every week, I’d put off diving into writing. In spite of my resistance, I always penned a post.

After teasing my body for 15 minutes or so, there’s a point when my inner voice says, “what the hell,” and I dove into and under the next big icy-cold wave. As I pushed off the ocean floor, and sprang above the surface, I looked back at shore with a huge smile on my face after writing a number of other posts. I don’t remember the exact moment, though I realized I finally arrived as a blogger.

I resisted blogging because of the myth I wasn’t good enough.

The whole time, I was living in my monkey mind. Endless chatter without a smidgen of proof, telling me the story I was listening to was in fact, true. Not.

In my first year of blogging, here’s a few things I’ve learned:

  • Begin without it being perfect.
  • Write something. Anything. You never know where you’ll end up. (Like today.)
  • Don’t worry about what others think.
  • People are reading my posts even though they’re not commenting. (Sign up for free in the upper right corner of the page!)
  • Be vulnerable.
  • Writing is not easy.
  • Be myself.
  • I’m perfect, right where I am.
  • I discovered the real reason I’m writing is to be a better writer.
The biggest learning moment was:
  • Myths are 100% true only to the one that believes them.

This quote, from one of the greatest writers of all time, made me feel mucho better about my writing:

 “I write one page of masterpiece to ninety-one pages of shit,” Hemingway confided to F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1934. “I try to put the shit in the wastebasket.”

What about you? Are you resisting something because you know it’s true or could it be a myth? Talk to me and please post a comment below. Go!

Photo by Mike Cogh.



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