Ever wonder what I look and sound like?

Well, I’m 6’5″, 247 pounds (lost 25 lbs. in 2015,) and have a size 16 shoe.

I know exactly what you’re thinking. “I wonder if he played basketball?”  The answer is yes.  Though you know that movie”White Men Can’t Jump?” This motion picture was based on my lack of vertical rise.  I boxed people out to get my rebounds! 🙂

Clients, friends, and my own coach are encouraging me to create more videos. We shall see.

For now, these videos will have to do. Enjoy.

  • Talking Sales and Life Coaching with Steve Borek – This interview was conducted by Mitch Mitchell, CEO and Founder of T.T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc. Mitch is a healthcare consultant with subject matter expertise in charge master and charge capture projects and he’s penned books on leadership. Mitch has written more blog posts than anyone I know. He’s also the person who inspired me to start the End Game Business blog.



  • Confessions with Jenny Watson – Another interview by a young woman who left her comfy confines of Long Island to seek a new life on the west coast. Jenny, CTACC, is a certified life coach empowering individuals to achieve their personal and professional dreams by building confidence through self awareness…after breaking apart their pity parties.



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