I’ve said it before, I’m not a big fan of reading books.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the printed page. In fact I’d go so far to say I’m a bibliophile. However the truth is most books don’t keep my interest. Do you smell what I’m cookin?

I give books the prolific writer Dan Jenkins, author of “Semi-Tough,” first page test: If the opening page brings me in either emotionally or intellectually, there’s a good chance I’ll ride the wave until the end.

Sad to say, most of the books I’ve started to read have failed the aforementioned first page substantiation. So I close the cover and continue to find one that will.

Last week I shared I completed the audiobook version of “Churchill” by Paul Johnson. Although it wasn’t one of the greatest books I’ve read or listened to, somehow the charming British accent of narrator Simon Prebble and the Cliffs Notes version of the life of one of the great leaders of the 20th century, was just enough to sustain my interest and body surf this one all the way to the shore.

Invariably entrepreneur clients, coach mentee clients, leadership clients, and students I lead at Coach University are always asking me: “Steve, read anything good lately?”

As I sit here on a bright sunny Central NY summer afternoon, I’m figuratively swimming in a wave of books.

Here’s a few titles I’m attempting to ride until the end:

Letting Go, The Pathway of Surrender by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

I’m only on chapter three, however this book resonates with me. Why? It’s straightforward, is written in layman’s terms, strengthens the reader’s knowledge of emotional intelligence, and provides a simple way to rid ourselves of negative tolerations that hold us back in all areas of our life.

My favorite quote from the book thus far: “It is the accumulated pressure of feelings that causes thoughts. One feeling, for instance, can create literally thousands of thoughts over a period of time.”

Intellectually, I’m in.


Face the Music: A Life Exposed by Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley is the frontman for the legendary rock band, KISS.

This one, I’m proud to say, I completed. Albeit the audiobook version read by the author himself.

Stanley gives an unbridled account into the 40 year history of this iconic band. He leaves nothing out. Drugs, sex, family, divorce, and the creative and business side of rock and roll. It’s all in there and more.

I was never a fan of the group nor did I dislike their music. However for some reason, this one drew me in on an intellectual, emotional, and creative level because of my love of the arts.

Unequivocally, after listening to Face the Music, I’m a fan of Paul Stanley as a person.


The Power of Being Yourself: A Gameplan for Success — By Putting Passion Into Your Life and Work by Joe Plumeri

Mr. Plumeri is vice chairman of the First Data Board of Directors and served as CEO of Willis Group, Citibank North America, and Primerica.

He offers eight principles to take you to a place where your life is meaningful. How? Dig deep down and discover what you’re passionate about and you’ll create an unconscious strategy to take you there.

The prologue opens up with a story about the 2013 Boston Marathon tragedy. Emotionally I’m in.

Page one, Principle One: Everyone Has The Same Plumbing. Intellectually I’m in.

There’s a good chance I’ll finish this one.


Gifts From Eykis by Dr. Wayne Dyer

I purchased this online a year ago and sad to say I haven’t even opened the cover.

Let’s take a look.

An excerpt from the weathered 1982 book flap reads: “What would be the reactions of an intelligent visitor from another planet to our complex systems here on Earth? How would we view that visitors’ culture? Can we compare favorably?  Are we ready to accept an objective view?

How about the first page test:

“It was difficult to believe. This placed called Uranus appeared to be an exact replica of Earth. After years of decoding the Urantian Formulas, I had made my first successful self-transport to another planet, and as luck would have it, I landed in a place that appeared to duplicate home. From all outward appearances, everything on Uranus was precisely as it was back on Earth.”

A little woo woo. Because I love Dyer’s work, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  Let’s hope this body of work has something reminiscent of E.T.

So there you have it. An eclectic list of books being read by a business and career coach.

What are you reading? What’s your test of whether you’ll finish a book from cover to cover?

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