I always thought September was the start of the real “new year.” Why? There are so many changes happening this time of the year:

  • Summer is winding down
  • School is opening
  • Baseball races are heading into the home stretch
  • Leaves begin to change
  • Days get shorter
  • Temps get lower
  • Debut of new TV shows
  • Sales teams plan the Q4 push
  • Football season kicks off
  • Profit Lounge starts a new season (I host a monthly worldwide teleconference call for coaches)

So, what does your performance look like from September 2011 through August 2012?

Have you:

  • made your sales numbers?
  • developed your Gen Y leaders and strengthened the bench?
  • adopted one resource to ensure success? Or, have you hopped from one thing to another (shiny new object syndrome) without following through?
  • done what you said you were going to do?
  • increased the odds of winning by putting yourself in position to win?
  • maintained a lifestyle to have energy to get things done? (Rest, exercise, and diet?)

Be honest. Over the last 12 months, what grade do you give yourself? An A or a B? Did you just pass? Incomplete? Or, did you drop the course?

 To improve your grade, you’ve got to take massive action.


End Game Business offers business coaching, leadership development, and team programs to help you achieve a grade of A.


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