Does this coaching stuff really work?


A certified coach is a catalyst for transformation.


Barry came to me with a perfect mélange: substance abuse, bankruptcy, divorce, depression, and disengaged from his job.

Within the first 30 seconds of our initial consultation, I instantly knew he owned heaps of dormant potential.

How did I know? It’s a gift I have in recognizing whether or not someone has something of significance, or not.

Barry felt a connection with me as well. He was chomping at the bit. Like a restless thoroughbred looking to break out of the starting gate and gallop down the first turn.

There was one problem. He didn’t have the money nor did he know where he’d get the money to start my program. Remember, his finances were on life support.

“Describe a time when you needed money for something important and you were able to raise the funds?” I asked him in a neutrally charged tone.

He followed up with an email a day or two later saying he wasn’t sure how he was going to find the cash to work together but he would. And he did.

A few months ago, we hopped into the coaching car and took a 12 week ride in my program, “Now What – 90 Days To A New Life Direction.” 

“Now What” is for anyone going through transition: career, business, relationship, retirement, etc. They’re stuck in pea soup and can’t even dream there’s a way out of this mess.

After 12 short weeks of growing in the “Now What” process, Barry mapped out his new life direction and unlocked his dormant potential as author and business owner.

There’s a problem. That’s where you come in. Barry needs your help.

He needs to raise $2,000 in 19 days to cover the expense to publish and distribute his book titled, “No Easy- Answers, A Book of Life Changing Questions.”

At the very least, watch his three minute video. If you’re moved, donate at least $1. One buck!

Maybe you’ve got lots of bank. Donate $200, $700, or fund the whole enchilada!

Whatever you can give. Give.

Then, forward the link to ten people in your circle of influence.

Be a part of turning someone’s life around!


Thanks and Barry thanks you as well.

Photo by Nick Carter.

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