TTI Success Insights, the behavioral assessments company of End Game Business, recently launched the 100K Lives Touched campaign.

If you know a non-profit who doesn’t have the budget for employee development, or a person that’s financially challenged, I’m willing to donate my services and TTI Success Insights will donate the assessments.

Please forward this post to your favorite non-profit or to someone who knows an organization that would see the value in working with a professional certified coach.

This is an opportunity for the right group to strengthen their bench and uplevel the performance of the organization.

I’d be honored to be part of this process.

Today’s guest post is by Bill Bonnstetter, Founder and CEO of TTI Success Insights.

Giving the Gift of Self Discovery – by Bill Bonstetter 

Today I am excited to officially launch our 100,000 Lives Touched campaign.

Our suite of assessments reveals and harnesses the unique, hidden talent and skills of people in the workplace.

Through TTI SI’s 100,000 Lives Touched campaign, these research-based assessments will continue to be donated to nonprofits, individuals in need, or those in at-risk communities or situations.

We’ve been donating in this manner for the last 30 years, in partnership with our Value Added Associates. (Our relationship with our VAAs is very clear; if they donate their time, we donate the products.)

Using this informal initiative in the past, we’ve made a major difference within a few lives.

But by formalizing this campaign and inviting YOU to share and learn about the difference we are making, we hope to impact 100,000 lives and more!

Learn more about our campaign launch by reading the stories of the lives we’ve touched. You can also hear me talk about our 100,000 Lives Touched campaign during our annual conference.

I want to make a major difference in many, many lives — and the only way to do it is to set this goal and then reach it.

Together, we can make a major difference in the lives of so many people, mainly by helping them understand themselves and improve their relationships with others.

Developing positive, healthy relationships early on in life later impacts people’s careers. The more relationships you have, the better your career can go and the more options you will have.

Photo by Tim Green aka atoach

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