There’s a principle of nature called structural tension. It says tension seeks resolution. Tension looks to resolve itself wherever there’s greater pull.

Let me explain. Say you have a rubber band. At the top is your dream or goal and the bottom is your reality. Whichever one you’re more committed to is the direction you’ll move. So, if you extend the rubber band and there is a greater pull in the direction of your dream you will move towards that goal.

Now, what happens to most people? They get motivated to accomplish a goal or stretch themselves in some way and then start asking themselves questions. Their gremlin called doubt creeps into the equation. I’m too young or old, not enough time or money, what will people think, etc. Bam! Instantly they go from being excited to bursting their own bubble. They get caught up in examining all the things they need to do. Their structural tension is resolved although not in the direction they want to go. The one thing they fail to do is the most obvious and times the most challenging. They never take that important first step.

That wasn’t the case with Kim Bachstein. I recently met this energetic gift basket entrepreneur at a networking event. Kim is passionate about the service she provides clients. However she also told me about a new charity organization she launched called the Angels That Care Foundation.

One day she had an idea of creating a non profit organization that was going to change the lives of families on a local, regional, and national level. She resolved the structural tension by doing something very simple. She took the first step. Each day she takes one more step.

Angels That Care Foundation is now in multiple states and sprouting up all over the country. To quote Kate Hudson’s character (pic) Penny Lane from the film Almost Famous, “It’s all happening!”. Please visit Kim’s site and spread the great word!

How about you? Are you looking for a place to jump start the process? We’ve all been in the Land of Stuck. Getting to where you want to go begins with taking the first step.


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