As you know I’m opposed to New Years resolutions.

The last few years I’ve written numerous posts regarding this topic:

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Bottom line? Many create New Years resolutions and very few stick to them.

I got to thinking, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, there’s one resolution I already put into action. I encourage you to do the same.

Stop complaining!

The masses could care less that:

  • You can’t find a job
  • You’re 34 pounds overweight
  • Your business is floundering
  • You and your partner are not getting along

Nobody wants to hear it. NO BO DY!

On second thought, you know who is willing to listen? All the other people with the same complaints. The ones who wail, day in and day out, yet do nothing about changing their circumstances.

Your tribe of fellow defeatist’s gravitate towards your low vibration and gather round and respond to your drowning whimper with:

  • There are no jobs out there. I’ve looked everywhere. (Not! Your job search is all wrong.)
  • No matter what I do I can’t lose weight. (Yet they continue to stuff their pie hole as if they have a PhD in Gluttony)
  • I can’t find clients. (Stop sitting around playing the hope strategy and get out there and prospect)
  • I can’t stand when my significant other does ___________. (Who do you need to become so you set the model for what you want?)

Your fellow amateurs take solace in crying on each other’s shoulders. Their stories conflate, meeting in a place where they’re comfy to waddle in the muddle.

Complainers are dabblers; amateurs who wait for things to happen. Masters are doers; professionals who take charge and make it happen.

Regardless of your current position, resources or lack thereof, the circumstances leading to your situation, you have to own the fact it is what it is.

Take ownership!

Quit whining!

Commit to consistent action!

Start doing!

(Thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk for the inspiration to write this post)




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