If you’re like me, you start lots of books and never finish them. I wish this was different. Why is this the case?

Photo courtesy of Sebastien Wiertz

Photo courtesy of Sebastien Wiertz

Perhaps in this instant gratification world we live in, I’m not patient enough to read a piece of work from the preface through the afterword.

The fact is, most books are not that good. They’re unreadable. They’re full of uninteresting filler fluff.

Books are subjective.

You might think a book is a page turner where I won’t be able to stomach another sentence past the second page.

I’m not sure you’ll feel the same way I do about the following list.

Here’s what’s currently in my book stack:

Finding Hidden Treasures by Ron Price – This book is a keeper if you want to grow intellectually, physically, and spiritually. After reading “Treasures,” you’ll have a personal foundation from which to launch success.

Wild Swans by Jung Chang – This is the true story of three generations of Chinese women dating from 1900-1976. Chang gives an authentic account of the lives of her grandmother and mother and the struggles they faced. She then provides her autobiography.

Make Me A Legend by Chuck Balsamo – I ordered this off Amazon after connecting with Chuck Balsamo on Twitter. This book is about dreaming and living larger to make a difference.

Succeed, How We Can Reach Our Goals by Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D. – This book is broken down into three sections: 1) Get Ready is about the principles of goal setting. 2) Get Set describes types of goals we set for ourselves and how to choose the right goal based on your personality type. 3) Go explains the common pitfalls of falling short of our goals and what to do about it.

The Wisdom of Wolves by  Twyman L. Towery, Ph.D. – This is my second time reading this one. “Wolves” is brilliant. Towery describes the fascinating organizational life of the wolf pack. He then takes the behavior style of this majestic creature and weaves them into lessons that can be applied to work, family, and personal growth.

I like all of these books because they fill my mind with thoughts that help me on my clients grow.

These reads will make you a better leader, entrepreneur, and person.

What books have you read worth putting in the Amazon shopping cart?

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