Take a look around your office. Is everyone walking around in a coma?

Maybe it’s time to shake things up!

For many organizations, it’s critical that top management focus on re-engaging their constituents.

The workforce has been bombarded by the media with many value-based issues, such as healthcare, taxes, the war in the Middle East, unemployment, the recession, etc.

Your team members, some more than others, are being affected by these issues and bringing their emotional baggage to the office. In some cases, management is causing their own problems.

Regardless of the size of your company, you need a highly motivated workforce to compete in today’s economy.  Here are ten useful ideas:

1.  Organizational chart – Does your current chart actually reflect today’s lines of authority?  If not, revise it so your team knows it, understands it, and can follow it.

2.  Look at all your key jobs to see if they need to be re-engineered.  Many jobs have changed to the point they require the player to be all things to all people.

3.  Replace job descriptions with key accountabilities, which do a much better job of helping people understand what they really need to do. The Job Benchmark process delivers these key accountabilities.

4.  Analyze each key job and determine if continuous learning is required for superior performance.  If so, do you have a plan and budget to keep everyone current?

5.  Engage them in decision making.  Think about how our children and grandchildren have helped older generations with email, cell phones and computers.  They want to be involved.  Inspire a shared vision and build consensus by getting input from the team.

6.  Praise your team for their contributions.

7.  DWYSYWD Do What You Say You Will Do. Are you modelling the way?

8.  Job Fit – Match talent to the task or job. The job benchmark will show you what type of person the job wants based on behaviors, values, skills, and acumen.

9.  Create a positive environment by ensuring everyone’s intrinsic motivators are satisfied on the job.

10.  Engage outside the office. Support their ideas about going green and encourage their involvement in community activities.

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