Are you drowning in social media?

When I first jumped into the social media pool about nine years ago, the water felt more like Social Needia. I was obsessed with posting, tweeting, backlinking, and getting friends, acquaintances, business connections, and strangers to Follow me.

What a bunch of BS.

One day I hit the pause button. “What the hell am I doing?” I said to myself. Social Needia was being fueled by ego.

I was “needy.”

The need to see my numbers go up. The need for attention. The need for followers to type LOL’s, OMG!, LMAO, ROFL, RT etc. after one of my posts.

I was hooked on the drug called Social Needia.

I thought of getting a smartphone just to stay on top of it all. Then I realized, the need to be connected 24/7 was gratuitous.

Although I’m a huge technology fan, and I’ve owned a cell phone for 20 years, I remain smartphoneless.

I’m not a Luddite. I love technology. Before becoming a coach, for 20+ years I lived in the IT space and sold millions of dollars of hardware, software, and services.

When I leave my home office, I like the fact I’m not tethered to a smart device. This is my time. My time to chill. My time to focus on my surroundings. My time to physically, mentally, and spirtually connect with people.

Which leads me to Richard Williams, aka Prince Ea, a Gen Y American Rapper and activist from the hood in North St. Louis.

I admire this young man.

Prince EA created the video, “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity.”

We think alike. So do millions of others.

In a little over two weeks, Prince Ea’s vid has gone viral with views approaching the 7M mark.

One of my favorite quotes from his spoken word video, “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity”:

I’m so tired of performing in the pageantry of vanity and conforming to this accepted form of digital insanity. 

Check it…

Don’t misunderstand. Social media is a great tool. I leverage this space to get my message out. Though today, I’m not hooked on the social needia of it all.

In fact, a few years ago, I changed how I showed up on Linkedin. Instead of accepting every connection request, I’d reply back and ask to have a phone and/or Skype call to get better acquainted.

Sad to say, only a small percentage took me up on my suggestion. People prefer a digital connection instead of a personal one. I guess the former is easier. Most like easy.

Nevertheless, each day I get closer and closer to no longer being a virgin in the smartphone world. When I take the plunge, I’ll have boundaries in place to ensure the device doesn’t rule my life or have an adverse affect on my circle of influence.

As Prince Ea says in his articulate message, it’s time to take control, be in control. Self correct. Nurture relationships with hearts of individuals versus pulseless electronic gadgets.

Well done Prince Ea! I’m giving you a standing O.

For more Prince Ea, check out his YouTube channel.


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