This week I’ve been busy doing one of my least favorite things; marketing stuff. Ugh! The process of moving the End Game Business web site to a new platform is in motion. I’m looking forward to when I can say “GTO” – Glad That’s Over! 😉

Image courtesy of kongsky /

Image courtesy of kongsky /

I’m also launching a new coaching program specifically for people in transition. They’re tired of drifting and ready to be intentional about the next chapter. A new career, job, business, or some other passion that lights them up! I’ll write about the new launch in the weeks ahead.

Now to this weeks post.

Does the thought of the “new hire” process stress you out? Make you sweat? Keep you up at night? If this is you, keep reading.

Everywhere I go, leaders and hiring managers tell me their biggest problem is finding qualified people.

What have you done differently this past year, to increase the chances of landing blue chip players for your team, the first time?

What is it costing you every time you hire the wrong person? Not only the hard dollars but the soft stuff like poor productivity and sweat equity of training someone that just didn’t work out. Or, you’re spending lots of hours getting someone up to speed and your gut says the cost outweighs the benefit.

If you’re still struggling, I have a solution for you that will make the hiring process easier. It’s called a job benchmark. I use an assessment called TriMetrix HD that tells you who’s the perfect candidate for the job based on behaviors, motivators, and personal skills and attitude. (The Department of Labor recommends organizations use some type of objective assessment tool as part of the hiring process.)

The job benchmark not only makes the hiring process easier, you’ll also receive an onboarding document which spells out to the new hire what they need to improve and a plan to succeed.

So, if you’re interested in making the hiring process easier, contact me us to learn more.

This week ‘s guest post is courtesy of a fave of mine; Dr. Ron Bonnstetter, Senior VP of R&D at TTI, my assessment partner.


Multiple Assessments To Hire the Right Person – by Dr. Ron Bonnstetter

If you could hire the right person for the right job nearly every time, would you? Of course! Hiring the wrong person for a position wastes both time and money.

Many times companies only look at behaviors and motivators for selection when in reality soft skills are a vital key in identifying the perfect hire.

Research shows that using only one assessment will not get you the right person for the job. In fact, the odds of a company finding the right candidate using only one assessment is only slightly better than flipping a coin.

When two assessments are used, those odds increase to 84%. When three are used, the probability jumps to more than 92%.

In fact, a Fortune 500 company recently conducted an internal study which found that if they had used multiple assessments instead of just one for their hiring needs, they would have eliminated 97% of their “bad hires” in the last year.

To avoid this mistake, first you need to take a look at what the job calls for. What skills, behaviors and motivators are necessary to get the job done? Once you have defined this, you can more easily decide which assessments to use to find the perfect fit.

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