How many times have you worried about a future situation only to realize in the end, it was a myth? Totally untrue? Something you made up that never happened?

I ran into a myth buster this past week regarding my colonoscopy.

A month ago, while in the doctor’s office, since I was 50, they recommended I have a colonoscopy. “Sure. OK. Why not.” I replied.

Photo courtesy of TORLEY

Photo courtesy of TORLEY

The reason I was so matter of fact about getting it done was because Katie Couric had shined the spotlight on colon cancer a number of years ago. Her husband Jay Monahan lost his life to colon cancer at the tender age of 42.

Katie made it easier for me. Thanks Katie! Check her out.

If you’re not squeamish, check out Harry Smith’s colonoscopy recorded on live television.

We scheduled a screening with the nurse practitioner to go over the procedure.

The hardest part of this ordeal were the diet restrictions and bowel prep.

I couldn’t consume any solid foods, including dairy (I love yogurt) from 7a on Monday until after the colonoscopy was completed on Tuesday at 3:30p.

Somewhere around 4p on Monday afternoon, I was terribly hungry and low in spirit. “Why am I doing this? Maybe I’ll do it another time.” I said. That didn’t happen. I marched on with the fast.

The bowel prep was also an awful experience. I had to drink a solution called SuPrep on the morning before, and morning of the colonoscopy. This stuff tasted super nasty. It was thick, had an awful taste, and almost undrinkable. I had to chase it down with ginger ale to make it bearable.

On the upside I lost five pounds in the process. This was a combination of consuming nothing but coffee, tea, chicken broth, miso soup, and ginger ale. In addition, sprinting to the bathroom a dozen times in loose clothing to flush out the system. Oy! 😉

On the day of the procedure I was extremely nervous. All these thoughts were running through my mind:

  • I’ll have to expose my ass to complete strangers.
  • This is going to hurt.
  • I was embarrassed.
  • This is going to really hurt.

Now, I knew I’d be under anesthesia the entire time. So why did I worry about getting hurt?

The subconscious mind plays tricks on us all the time. I see it with myself. I see it with clients. We’re human. It’s a fact of life that we all worry. I’m not sure why we worry so much.

So, how did my colonoscopy go? It was a piece of cake!

  • I arrived at the doctor’s office at 2:15p.
  • I entered the room where the procedure would be done.
  • I was asked to take off all of my clothes and put on a hospital gown.
  • They hooked me up to monitors and intravenous.
  • Nurse asked me to lie on my left side, and in a few moments, I’d be falling asleep.
  • I woke up and the procedure was over around 3p.

That was it! No pain. No embarrassing moments. Easy peasy. I was in and out of the doctor’s office in one hour.

Worry is a misuse of the imagination. ~ Dan Zadra

So, what can you do instead of worry?

  • Ask questions to get assurance.
  • Ask people who have already walked in your shoes.
  • Have faith that what they’re telling you is true.
  • Visualize exactly how you’d like to see the event unfold before it happens.

What about you? Describe below a time when you worried beyond belief only to realize it was a waste of energy.





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