Recently I stumbled upon a friend’s social media page and noticed a thread he started discussing the economy, jobs, etc.

A woman posted a comment saying her Gen Y daughter did everything possible to find a job yet she’s still sitting on the sidelines waiting for the call from an employer that says, you’re hired.

At this moment I wondered whether or not to make a controversial yet upfront response to her daughter’s dilemma.

After mulling it for a few minutes I went for it saying something to the effect there are plenty of jobs for the taking. The people who want the jobs find a way to get them.

The concerned Mom volleyed back in an agitating tone saying  I had no idea what I was talking about. If I haven’t walked in her daughter’s shoes, I shouldn’t comment at all, according to Mom.

Her assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. During my career I worked for a half dozen companies as an IT Sales Executive during both good times and mostly average or struggling economies.

I know what it takes to find the jobs and even more important, how to show up in an interview where the hiring manager can’t wait to punch out an offer letter.

The volley ensued and I replied back saying in order to find the perfect job, you must have a conviction about what you want. This means the job you desire is in your bones and without question you know you will not be denied, regardless of the obstacles that roll across your path.

Mom slammed a forehand back saying her daughter knows exactly what she wants. In fact, she even lowered her standards and was willing to take a cashier position however the hiring manager gave the gig to someone who spoke Spanish.

I volleyed a return backhand saying that’s her problem. She’s willing to take “anything.”

It was at this juncture the Mom said she didn’t want to “argue” with me. In her mind, she was right and I was dead wrong.

At this point I let the cat out of the bag letting her know I coach people in career transition.

I finally had her attention, and the attention of a few other of my buddy’s Facebook friends.

I asked if they might be interested in a free resource I provide people in career transition. They couldn’t wait for my final return volley.

I directed them to go to my career site for a few resources to help revivify their new career direction.

Unfortunately, the approach Mom’s daughter takes to finding a job is the route the majority of the worker pool takes. Which is:

  1. Spray resume everywhere
  2. Pray someone calls you for an interview
  3. Pray some more that they hire you

What I call the “Spray and Pray” approach. Not productive. Though you’ll feel good because you’re in motion.

Though this Mom’s daughter and millions of others go about their job search process in the wrong way.

Would you be interested in a better way?

Go to and download my free resource which begins the process, Now What – 90 Days To A New Life Direction.

This will get you started.

I’ve coached clients in 12 countries so regardless of where you’re located, I can coach you by phone, Skype, Viber, or WhatsApp.

If you want to learn more about my process that delivers meaningful results?

Call or text me at 315.303.2180 or send a Skype request to esteban.borek.

Good luck!



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