This week’s post is by Favor Larson, Senior Business Services Consultant for TTI Success Insights.

Does the view from the top keep you up at night? Do you need to hang on to high performing employees so you can elevate performance and profits, or do you worry that a crisis could suddenly undermine your company’s ability to compete? Systematically creating a high performance culture using job matching will bring peace of mind.

It’s not event driven, it’s not reactive, and it is not a futile attempt to predict where and when the next crisis will arise; when job matching permeates your organization, you’re ready for anything.

  • Selecting superior performers
  • Reducing turnover expense
  • Increasing retention of high performers
  • Planning professional development unique to each job and employee
  • Cultivating the next wave of managers
  • Preparing the next key leaders to enter the C-suite
  • Assuring that everyone’s focused on achieving the goals in the strategic plan
  • Making high performance the norm in your organization

In the past, these objectives would have been tackled as separate issues, but 30 years of research in talent management at TTI has revealed that a unified job matching system is the most cost effective and efficient way to accomplish them all. The key is using job matching at every stage of an employee’s tenure with the company. It capitalizes on the efforts of HR to support the day-to-day activities of the entire workforce and aligns both with the strategic plan for beating the competition.

Job matching is the science of defining superior performance in each position by using objective criteria to match someone who has the right traits for the job. It starts with a comprehensive definition of why a job exists; and based on the three to five key accountabilities of the position, it assures hiring someone who can get results. No matter who occupies a position, they will need a uniquely specific set of traits and skills to excel in that position. By defining those traits and skills in a benchmark, you systematically calibrate each position for superior performance.

A team of subject matter experts is deliberately selected to include only those who work closely with the position or who have recently excelled in it. The standard this expert team produces will define the value motivators that make the job fulfilling for the right person, the behavioral traits they need to meet goals and the specific skill set that will set the stage for success.

With the comprehensive TTI job matching process, you get all of the information you need about a person when they are assessed. You even get a view into a person’s thought processes and the perspectives that affect performance. Assessing for acumen indicators illuminates how clearly they understand situations, and thus their capacity for meeting challenges in business. It can even reveal skills that an individual possesses that may not have been fully utilized on the job yet. Whatever gaps a high potential employee may have will also be revealed. A development plan is generated as part of the job matching process, so their immediate supervisor automatically has a coaching and development plan ready to implement.

When an entire organization is job matched, the results are dramatic. High performance becomes the norm. By carefully matching each person to the job that’s right for them, the organization benefits from employees who can ramp up quickly to be productive and who can be superior performers. Each employee occupies a job that they most naturally have a passion for and are successful in, which makes for an engaged, happy employee. Multiply that times everyone and what do you get? Higher levels of engagement and productivity, less turnover-related expense, and employees who have good things to say about what it’s like to work at your company. They act like a magnet to help attract additional talented employees to join the team. Job matching leads to a high performance ethos in your organization. With the right system in place, you’re ready for anything.

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