Have you heard the argument that assessment tools are only useful for top-level positions? Or, that it’s cost prohibitive to assess the entire organization? So are assessments important in every level of your organization? We’re often asked this question, and the answer is YES.

Any building is only as good as its foundation. Your organizations foundation is your workforce. Regardless of the position, all organizations benefit from understanding every role. A person’s assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in the individual and the team. We often learn of organizations that identify undiscovered talent hidden within their organization as a result of utilizing assessments. This initial discovery leads to tapping the potential of future leaders and getting them started on the right development path. This leads to higher revenue.

When employees are in positions that are not a fit with their behaviors, motivators, and skills, the entire organization suffers including the bottom line. The benchmarking process uncovers the key performance indicators that drive results in the job critical to success. By understanding what the job needs and rewards, you should understand the best way to manage people, develop training and implement strategies. This means greater productivity and ROI of each player on your team.

In the typical hiring process, we review resumes, look at experience, and interview. Then we go with our gut. Our intuition. We’re biased! A job benchmark is an unbiased emotional view of what the Job Wants!

Hiring based on what the -Job Wants- leads to hiring “A” performers the first time, which leads to higher revenues. Your team members are in the right positions, and they’re productive day one. Otherwise, you’ll spend lots of money on training them to get better at positions they’re probably not jazzed about in the first place! This leads to turnover and stress.

Best of all, benchmarking is a simple, cost-effective way to set the foundation for the leaders of any organization to increase morale, improve retention and enhance overall employee satisfaction.

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Special thanks for TTI Success Insights for the assist with this essay.


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