Throughout the year, I receive emails and phone calls from people and organizations looking for help with their End Game.

The End Game can be a business project, develop a high potential player, facilitate a leadership workshop, team building, strengthen their bench, create an extraordinary goal, yada yada yada.

Over the last six months, I’ve received call backs from people and organizations who reached out to me several years ago. For some reason, they did nothing and remain at the starting gate. In some cases, the bleeding and pain has gotten progressively worse since our first convo.

    • Biz project is sitting on the shelf collecting dust.
    • Sales – A few stars are crushing their numbers though the overall performance of the team is ho hum.
    • People are leaving the company because they can’t stand working for their manager.
    • Team is dysfunctional.
    • Leaders are not leading.
    • Projects are experiencing scope creep and go-live dates keep getting pushed out.
    • An entrepreneur is still at the plateau.

How come they didn’t move forward? Maybe they thought they had more time?

Unfortunately, many are in the Land of Stuck. 

It sucks being in the Land of Stuck! How do I know? I was there! You think of all the reasons not to do it now. Or, the situation will improve without changing a thing.

Things don’t get better on their own. You’ve got to commit.

At some point, you need to develop traction? What’s that? It’s the opposite of spinning your wheels. The mud on the tires looks cool though.

The following is a revised blog I wrote last year called “The First Step.” I hope this post creates the traction you need to move forward.


There’s a principle of nature called structural tension. This concept says tension seeks resolution. Tension looks to resolve itself wherever there’s greater pull.

For example. Stretch out a rubber band. At the top is your goal and the bottom is your reality. Eventually, you’ll gravitate towards the place you’re more committed. Hopefully there’s a greater pull in the direction of your end game and you march forward.

Now, what happens to most? They’re jazzed to accomplish a goal, change the organization, or stretch their team in some way. The longer they wait, doubt creeps into the equation. An imaginary figure called the gremlin hops on their shoulder and whispers self defeating thoughts in their ear.

  • I’ll do it next quarter.
  • I’ll take one more course.
  • Not sure we’ve got the budget.
  • There’s too much to overcome.
  • I’m not good enough.
  • That problem leader will get better on their own.
  • The sales team will get it right soon.

Bam! They instantly go from being excited about their end game to bursting their own bubble.

They get caught up examining all the steps they need to take. Their structural tension is resolved, although not in the direction they want to go. The one thing they fail to do is the most obvious, and at times the most challenging. They never take that important first step.

That wasn’t the case with Kim Bachstein. I recently met this energetic gift basket entrepreneur at a networking event. Kim is passionate about the service she provides clients. However, she also told me about a new charity organization she launched called the Angels That Care Foundation.

Kim had an idea to create a non-profit organization to change the lives of families in the Central New York area. She resolved the structural tension by doing one simple thing.

She took the first step. Each day, she takes one more step.

Today, Angels That Care Foundation is in multiple states sprouting up all over the country. To quote Kate Hudson’s character, Penny Lane from the film Almost Famous, “It’s all happening!” Please visit Kim’s site and spread the word to help others in our community.

What’s your end game?

Pick your ride, start the engine, and hit the gas. Take the first step and contact me today for a consultation.


I’m a Verizon guy. Though the video matched the feeling I wanted to project. 😉

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