Yesterday, I completed the 21 Day Plant Based Diet Challenge.

Vegan Challenge

Photo courtesy of Strong Hearts Cafe

As the song “For Good” from Wicked goes, ♫ I’ve heard it said, that people come into our lives for a reason. ♪

Well, the following special people stepped on my path, planted a seed, and raised my awareness of choosing healthy food. Because of them, I have been changed for good. Thanks to:

  • Peg Haust-Arliss is a fellow coach and holistic psychotherapist. Peg has always been there whenever I had a question on anything vegan.
  • Kristin Earle works in advertising at Kristin took me out for my first vegan meal. She’s a Generation Y with lots of energy and heart.
  • Joanna Giansanti is a master talent in print and web design. She quietly, under the radar, without fanfare, schooled me on healthy eating. Joanna’s already challenged me to go vegan for another 21 days. Grrrrr. 😉
  • Saraswati Om is one of my yoga instructors and owner of Dharma Yoga Syracuse. She’s been vegan for over 20 years. Saraswati says the transformation to a plant based diet is a process. True that.
  • And finally, a very special thanks to Michelle Grandy who created the 21 Day Plant Based Challenge. Michelle cured her asthma by going vegan. If it weren’t for her, I would have never tasted the vegan experience. She inspired the group to stay the course and filled our lives with yummy plant based foods and recipes.

Here’s a few random thoughts about my vegan experience over the last 21 days:

  • The third day was the most difficult.
  • I made frequent trips to the grocery store because I was inhaling lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Read food labels. The shorter the list of ingredients, the healthier it is for you.
  • The video, Earthlings, recommended by Saraswati, changed my perspective on animal products forever.
  • I don’t like walking through the meat aisle of the grocery store.
  • Mock meat such as tempeh, seitan, and soy are very satisfying.
  • Fruits and salads taste so much better. They’re full of water.
  • “Forks Over Knives,” recommended by Michelle, was an eye opener regarding the correlation of food and health.
  • I’ve dropped a few L B’s.
  • Energy level is significantly higher.
  • Strong Hearts Cafe has lots of tasty vegan choices. LUV the cupcakes!
  • I no longer grunt when performing the the bow pose.

The biggest ahha moment?

Once you pass the third day, and, the goal is in alignment with your values, you can accomplish anything.

What’s next?

I’m considering these 30 Day Challenge ideas:

  • Abstain from sweets of all kinds, again, for 30 days.
  • No posts to my Facebook personal page.
  • Play the piano, 30 minutes a day.
  • Be a vegetarian.
  • Read 30 pages a day.
  • Read a novel. (I never read fiction.)
  • Spend 30 minutes a day learning a foreign language.
  • Joanna Giansanti’s suggestion: Rinse and repeat.

What about you? What can you do or give up for 30 days?

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