In the world of statistics, 50% of the population is above average in personal accountability and 50% percent are below average in personal accountability. All businesses should hire employees who are personally accountable. Research identifies, that people who are personally accountable, will do the things necessary to achieve above average or even superior performance.

For example, people who are personally accountable and employed in a career that requires continuous learning have a natural passion toward learning and keeping current. Those that are not personally accountable can get left behind very quickly if involved in many high tech careers.

Unfortunately, for the most part, your team won’t share their thoughts with you on this subject. Can you think of a few reasons why?

Research shows that personal accountability is required in most jobs. This illustrates the importance for all hiring managers to totally evaluate each position as it relates to being personally accountable plus making sure that everyone they interview brings personal accountability skills to the job.

If you only hired people who were personally accountable and your competitors hired people who were not personally accountable, you would own the marketplace! Sales people who lack personal accountability will fail unless they have a protected area with repeat customers.

There is a solution to understand the Personal Skills of your team. The TriMetrix HD Assessment. Based on a unique 37-factor analysis, TTI TriMetrix HD reveals a person’s specific traits in three areas that describe the how, why and what of individual performance. A TriMetrix HD can be done in conjunction with a Job Benchmark before you hire. This tool is often used for current team members to see if they’re in the right role. You’ll see if they enjoy their job or if they’re stressing. In either case, you can provide a coaching development plan based on where they need to improve.

Contact me to learn more. I’ll spill the beans on the process.


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