Statistics by Gallup consistently shows that roughly 70% (improvement from past years) of the work force are disengaged from their jobs. They hate their gig, boss, company, career, and/or industry.

An overwhelming majority of workers are secretly saying they don’t want to be in their current place of employment! Why do they stick around?

Because they believe they’re handcuffed to their desks with no way out.

They’re stuck in a professional life that pays the light bill but doesn’t light them up.

I’m hear to tell you I’ve successfully helped many clients find their new life direction.

Once you discover a job, career, organization etc. you’re truly jazzed about? The ROI ripple effect will pay huge dividends not only in your professional life but also your personal life. (I’m sure you know of people who died from their work because of the stress they carried every single day. Not good.)

Here’s an example of a person who had enough and decided to change the trajectory of their life.

One day a prospective client showed up on my coaching door step. They were disengaged from their job and company.

Some would characterize my client as a lifer. They had a nice job with a successful company and could stay their until they were ready to retire.

Unfortunately this person was anything but happy. They were starving for intrinsic satisfaction in their work.

During the consultation, I shared that based on what he was going through, my recommendation was to take him through a program I facilitate called Now What – 90 Days To A New Life Direction.

In the second week of our partnership, I extended to my client a -reasonable magic wand-:

“I want you to wave this wand and describe in as much detail as you wish, your ideal endgame for the next 10 years?”

Their vision was to:

  • Work at a blue chip company, like Google for example, for the next five years.
  • Transition to and launch his own global consulting company.
  • Several years later, retire.
  • Split his time between the states and Ireland and write a book.

During the ninth week of the 12 week Now What process, my client got a call from guess who? Google. Unreal!

According to Laszlo Block, VP of People Operations at Google, over the last several years leading into 2014, the company received an average of 3M applications a year for a mere 7K new openings.

My client went through a thorough interview process. After a longer than average waiting game (typical of larger companies) my client was extended a generous offer and he accepted.

Based on the aforementioned stats, my client had a .2% chance of getting hired by Google. Unreal!

The Now What process took my client on a 12 week ride that channeled him to find the conviction he was looking for in the next chapter of his life.

A conviction so strong, he knew in his bones he wouldn’t be denied.

The Now What program coupled with meaningful coaching conversations helped my client focus on exactly what they wanted.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation to discuss what you’d like your life to be for the next five or 10 years or beyond, call me at 315.303.2180 or Skype me at Esteban.Borek.






Here’s why you only have a 0.2% chance of getting hired at Google
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