• you’re happy with your hiring record.
  • your team is performing at their highest level.
  • you’ve got all the right people in the right seats on the bus.

Good news. You don’t have to read this post.

Go dunk a few Oreo’s in a cold glass of milk instead.

For everyone else, read on.

Have you ever had this experience?

You’re jumping out of your socks because you’re convinced you’ve found a great new hire for your company.

You’ll need a shoulder operation because you’re patting yourself on the back so much.

You’ve parsed the potential candidates by viewing them from every conceivable angle.

They look good, sound good, say all the right things in the interview, references check, experienced, etc.

You’re convinced you’ve found a superstar.

Here’s the proverbial big BUT.

But for numerous reasons, your dream hire doesn’t work out.

  • Experience was overrated
  • Stuck in their old ways
  • They don’t align with your culture
  • References weren’t candid
  • Behaviors don’t match the job
  • Resume was fudged
  • Values don’t jive with the job

What can you do? I have the solution, only if you decide to try it.

It’s called a Job Benchmark. I’ve written about this powerful process many times. ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, to list a few.)

The Job Benchmark will increase your likelihood of hiring the person who performs at the highest level by 93%.

What would finding the blue chip player with the talent, behaviors, and motivators the job wants, do for your organization?

That wasn’t a typo. Yes, what the job wants.

What if the job could talk?

A Job Benchmark gives the job a voice.

The job tells you the ideal person for the position based on behaviors, motivators, competencies, and emotional intelligence.

Unlike you, the job’s voice doesn’t have a bias.  The job benchmark quiets bias.

We usually hire for experience and fire for attitude. What if you hired for attitude? You can always train the right person.

Are you curious about a job benchmark?

My benchmarks are done virtually.

One caveat. You have to reside on this planet. I don’t have enough bank to take a spin on Branson’s space jet.

I’d love to do a Job Benchmark for you. Contact us to learn more.

Watch this short video to learn more about a Job Benchmark.

End Game Business is a Certified Value Added Distributor for TTI.

Photo by Ludovic Bertron


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