I’ve been asked this question, hundreds of times. “Steve, how did you get into coaching?”

I could not stand being a sales executive anymore.

I dreaded the last six years of my 23 career.

Going through the motions. Walking around in a coma. Lifeless. Yup, it was that bad.

I was drifting. Like a branch floating down the river having the current taking me every which way.

Don’t’ get me wrong. I did well. Selling, handsomely, paid the light bill, but didn’t light me up. 

The work became monotonous, boring, tedious, uneventful, predictable,  etc. It was a yawner. Here’s a few examples why.

I worked for one boss who made my skin crawl. Meaning, he was the most disingenuous person I ever met in my 23 years in the computer industry. All he cared about was making the number. He could care less if he stepped on you, stabbed you in the front, the back, or threw you under the bus. How this man ever looked at himself in the mirror in the morning I’ll never know.

Management was asking sales reps to do the unthinkable. Sometimes borderline unethical. This was out of alignment with my values.

The ERP software solutions I sold became commodities.  Low price won the deal. It didn’t matter how much value you brought to the table. All the vendors had a pretty good solution. In fact, you could put a blindfold on, and throw a dart at all the offerings on a wall and the customer couldn’t go wrong. They’d get a blue chip solution to replace their legacy system.

I worked for one company where management hadn’t a clue what they were doing. They brought me in because I had over a decade of experience in developing virgin territories. Unfortunately, they never allowed me to do my job.

Bottom line. I wasn’t having fun any more. I was starving for a way out of this selling crazy go round. I always knew their was something better.

Then the unthinkable happened. A divine collision. My dive into the coaching pool was totally serendipitous.

On some idle Tuesday, I received an anonymous email from self-help author, Jim Donovan. I purchased his book, “This Is Your Life, Not a Dress Rehearsal.”

He was promoting a webinar for a company that provided coach training. I decided what the hell; so I signed up.

Following the one hour long webinar, I became more curious about the profession.

After numerous hours of high energy research, I concluded I wanted to be an International Coach Federation certified coach. They’re, in my opinion, the governing body of coaching. This meant I needed to attend a coaching school blessed by the ICF.

Long story short. I enrolled with CoachInc, one of the premier coaching schools in the world, and completed their Core Essentials Program, Advanced Coaching Program, as well as their Faculty Training Program. To date, including other training courses in leadership, team, and career coaching, I’ve accumulated over 500 hours of specific coach training.

My goal has always been to be the best coach I can be. I do this by delivering the best coaching I can deliver, on every client call. Improve my skills on a consistent basis so I’m always on the bleeding edge of techniques that will propel my clients across the finish line. I do this in a way, as my peer and mentor Maria Nemeth says, with clarity focus, ease, and grace.

In less than 10 short years, I’ve become a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a Board Certified Coach (BCC), Coach University Certified Graduate, a Faculty Leader for CoachInc, a guest blogger for Erickson International Coaching, and built a global practice working with entrepreneurs, leaders, and helping people define their careers.

Several years ago, I remember being on the road, having continental breakfast in a Hampton Inn somewhere in North Carolina. I overheard a man in the corner, speaking on his phone, pacing the floor. Back and forth, back and forth.

He was highly stressed.  “What can you do to make this happen? Can they do it this quarter? What else can you bring in?” This was a sales manager speaking to some rep in Anywhere USA.

God, I don’t miss those calls or that life.

Today, as an executive coach, I’m working with companies to increase the leadership skills of the team as well as helping sales reps sell with integrity and in alignment with their values.

I love being a coach. There’s nothing else I’d rather do. Nothing.

How about you?

Do you hate your job?

Loathe your boss, career, industry?

You’re in transition. This means you’ve been out of work for some time.

You’re willing to do anything to get out of your situation. Though, you’re not sure how to do it?

I’ve felt in my bones what it takes to make this transition.

I’ve walked the path that you’re looking to step on.

I can help you achieve your endgame quicker.

Call me for a consultation.


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