The idea of benchmarking jobs is an effective first step to ensure getting the right person in the right job. However, that’s just the beginning.

For years organizations have paid top dollar for training, and development and coaching. But for what purpose? Why is a person being developed? What expectations are the coaching and/or training supposed to deliver?

The answer is simple. If the job hasn’t been benchmarked, you don’t know. Nobody does.

Benchmarking should be the first step in any talent related process, period. In order to achieve results and affect change, first know what the job is calling for. If the job could talk, what would it say?

End Game Business is among the best in the world at benchmarking jobs. How can we say that? My assessment partner TTI Success Insights have the patent on it. The experience itself is money in the bank.

First you go through a discovery process in order to establish key accountabilities. Next, you move through a job assessment in order to get a clear and objective view of the job requirements as they relate to personal skills, behaviors and motivators of the job. Once this is in place, you can easily compare current and potential talent to the job in order to assist in hiring, development, training and performance management.

If you’re open minded and interested in learning a new method to enhance your overall hiring process, contact End Game Business for a consultation.


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