Over the last several weeks, we’ve reviewed the 20 Bad Habits listicle by Marshall Goldsmith and a few ideas on how to break them.

Check it:

Breaking Bad Habits – Part 1

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Breaking Bad Habits – Part 3

Before we move on to the next chunk of habits, I’d thought I’d share a tidbit about Marshall and other great coaches you might not have suspected.

Marshall is a leader in the personal development space. He charges leadership clients and their teams huge bank to undergo sustainable behavioral changes.

Something you might know about Marshall. He has his own coach. Surprised? Not me.

Most great coaches have their own coach. I mean, doesn’t it make sense?

How can a coach ask a prospective client to hire them to uplevel their performance if they’re not willing to model the way and do the same for themselves?

This year I’ve worked with two coaches and I’ve grown personally and professionally because of our relationship.

Coaching is the profession du jour. Barrier to entry is nonexistent. Anyone can quickly throw themselves into the coaching chair and call themselves a professional coach or even more egregious, a master professional coach.

Print a few biz cards, throw up a quick and dirty web site and voila! You have a coaching biz.

Caveat emptor my friend.

That’s why it’s vital to perform your due diligence and get curious with the coach behind the curtain. There are important questions to ask a prospective coach before you hand over your credit card digits.

The one question you must ask is “Coach. Do you have your own coach?”

Marshall pays his own coach to call him every single day.

Listen to Marshall explain why he has his own coach. His answer will shock you.

If you’d like next year to be a lot better than this one. If you’re unhappy with your business. If you’re stuck in the pea soup and can’t see a way out. If you’re in a job that’s draining your energy and you’re looking for a new direction. Do something about it!

Research the market, interview several certified coaches, ask them (at a minimum) these questions, then go with the coach who is singing your music.

What’s your endgame? Schedule a consultation without strings.


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