On a recent business trip I finally met one of my mentors, Jim Donovan. He’s one of the most inspirational people I know. He’s written books and recorded numerous CDs on self-development that can change your life. I’ve known him for seven years or so and was extremely excited to meet him for the first time on a trip through Pennsylvania.

I took him to Five Guys for lunch where they serve the best burger on the planet. If you’ve never been to one of their restaurants, and enjoy quality hamburgers, run -don’t walk- to a Five Guys near you.

We placed our order and while the food was being prepared, we enjoyed each other’s company with classic rock songs like Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” playing over the centralized speaker system.

Our number was called, we picked up our lunch, added condiments, and returned to our seats. Ahhh the aroma. We dove into our orders, listening to the group, Mountain’s classic “Mississippi Queen,” if you know what I mean. 😉

As I picked up my burger, it felt heavier than it ever had before. I looked inside the bun and there sat two big juicy pieces of beef. I normally get the single.

As I tapped my foot to the lyrics, I wondered “Should I inhale this bad boy or return it?”

Because I’ve been watching my weight, I went to the counter with a smile on my face to say, “I didn’t order the double burger.”  “

No problem sir, keep that one and we’ll make you another. Single with cheese, is that right?” the Gen Y cashier said.

I told the young man I couldn’t keep the double, but he insisted and apologized for the inconvenience.

He asked for my credit card, deducted the cost of the original order, and didn’t charge me for the single! That’s called a free lunch. Holy cow! (pun intended)

When’s the last time you shocked or wowed your customer like that? A time you provided such added value that you left them speechless? Times like these are rare opportunities to go above and beyond what is expected. When you create an extraordinary moment for them, you instill a thought like the one I had: “I’d be crazy to do business with any other specialty burger eatery than Five Guys!” (that’s a mouthful)

Following several hours of intellectually intoxicating conversation, Jim and I left the restaurant as Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” played at our backs.

We walked to his car and Jim gave me complimentary signed copies of his two books. I was pleasantly surprised again!

Lucky me, I was “wowed” twice in the same day!!

So, what will you do today to “Wow” your customer? By having this “Wow” mindset you’ll create long-lasting relationships with your clients that are solid as a rock, just like the ones I have with Five Guys and Jim Donovan.

Photo by Mike Mozart.

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