Have you heard of Gary Vaynerchuk?

He was born in the Soviet Union in 1975, immigrated to the states with his family in 1978, grew up in Queens, with the family later transferring across the George Washington Bridge to build roots in Edison, NJ.

Gary graduated from college in 1999 at which time he took over the day to day operations of his dad’s liquor business. Gary grew the revenues of Shopper’s Discount Liquors from $1M in 1999 to $50M in 2005 through vehicles including ecommerce, email marketing, and hawkish pricing.

He later went on to create:

@GaryVee loves to create. Period.

Do you know what his endgame is? Purchase the NY Jets football franchise currently valued at $2.75B. Ya, this dude is about ginormous goals.

Whenever I need a kick in the entrepreneurial ass, I randomly pick one of his videos and immerse myself in his extemporaneous rant.

Recently I watched Daily Vee 101 and found myself pausing, rewinding, and capturing quotes during the 13 minute video.

WARNING! Gary is not for the faint of heart. He rolls without a filter and drops f-bombs regardless of the makeup of his audience.

In any event, I like Gary Vaynerchuk’s style.

Here’s a few of the quotes from INSIDE MY HEART, BRAIN, AND SOUL IN 13 MINUTES | DailyVee 101:

You have to be willing to go backwards.

If you make the best s—, you will win.

But if you want to build something big, if you want to create a big business, hard work is the first, second, and third part of the formula.

Way too many people are playing it half pregnant. You either do it or you don’t.

When you’re in do mode, you f—ing get s— done.

I can tell you what to do. A screwdriver works. But if you don’t go and do it, then that screwdriver sucks s—.

You have to deal with the reality of the situation. Dwelling and pondering and crying doesn’t do s—. You can cry, you’re just gonna lose.

And I have bad news about complaining and crying. Nobody gives a s—.

Nobody’s gonna feel sorry for you. Who’s gonna feel sorry for you. I’ll tell you whose gonna feel sorry for you. Oh, you know who feels sorry for you? Your other enabling losing players around you. It’s just one f—ing losing circle.

Either you’re hanging around people who are dragging you down, or you’re hanging around with people that are lifting you up. But I promise you this, every winner in your life has zero sympathy for you.

I’m desperately excited to fail in front of you. Because A I really don’t give a f— what you think. B, I’m gonna learn from it. And C battle scars are attractive.

Speed is four billion times more important than perfection.

The amount of you that are crippled about getting s— right instead of getting s— done is insane.

You know being successful takes several different variables. I think self awareness is number one. Are you willing to be super honest with yourself when nobody’s watching?

If you’re not your number one fan? Then you’ve lost. Because the market is really good at tearing you down.

How much more motivation do you f—ers need? You live one life. It goes fast, life goes fast.

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