Have you ever made a confession? Later, you’ll hear more about the one I made for all the world to see and hear for eternity.

I’m well rested after spending 10 days in the Carolinas.

I flew into Charlotte on a sunny Thursday afternoon and drove two hours west, to Asheville, NC. An artsy eclectic town enveloped by the majestic Smoky Mountains.

Asheville has been dubbed “The New Freak Capital of the US” by Rolling Stone; one of the “Best Places To Reinvent Your Life ” by AARP Magazine; and one of the “25 Best Places for Business and Careers” by Forbes. In Eric Weiner’s book, The Geography of Bliss, he claims Asheville is one of the happiest places in the United States.

My web dude, John Waiveris at Invisible Gold, said while in Asheville, make a stop at 12 Bones to sample the tasty barbecue.

I pulled my rental into the 12 Bones timeworn gravel parking lot looking to find a space . You know you’ve found a great grub joint when parking spots are a premium in the middle of a weekday afternoon.

12 Bones is the proverbial hole in the wall eatery. An old building with a small ordering area and lots of friendly help moving food to platters and keeping the condiment bar full. (Here’s photos of the Obama’s dropping by in June 2010.)

I took my order of pulled pork and two sides of pork and beans and slaw outside to a picnic table overlooking the  French Broad River.

Happy to say, 12 Bones tied Dinosaur Bar – B – Cue for the best pulled pork sandwich I’ve ever inhaled. Good call John! Make sure you take the time to check it out when visiting Western North Carolina.

After a late lunch, I made my way to Chimney Rock Park, about 25 miles southeast of Asheville, to work off the mouth watering meal.

As I pulled up to the gate, I noticed the park fee was $12. “Is it worth it?” I asked the beautiful woman attendant dressed in park ranger green. “Oh yeah. Absolutely. You’ll really enjoy it. How much time do you have to spend with us today?” she replied in her delightful syrupy North Carolinian accent. Chimney Rock

She had me at -oh yeah- so I paid the entry fee and made the 15MPH meandering drive up the hill to the base of the rock.

As I exited my car, my head tilted back as far as it would go to look straight up the face of the mountain. That was a long way up. Regardless, I huffed and puffed, and made the slow climb to the top, some 2,250 feet in the air. What a gawjuss view from above. Ya, it was worth it.

From there I made the five hour drive to Murrells Inlet, SC, just outside Myrtle Beach, to stay with my friends Frank and his wife Rosa. I played six and a half rounds in eight days. That equaled all of what I played in 2013! Happy to say I discovered my swing in South Carolina. That’s a post to be written later.

Steve Borek, Professional Certified Coach, End Game Business in Myrtle Beach, NC

Steve Borek, Professional Certified Coach, End Game Business in Myrtle Beach, NC

The day after I returned from my trip, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jenny Watson. She has a Google hangout show called “Confesssions” where she asks the person in the hot seat to bare their soul.

What I admire about Jenny is her attention to detail and the research she performed before our talk. The girl does her homework and it shows in the quality of the interview! As Steven Pressfield says, she’s a Pro!

Jenny’s also a master at using silence as her friend. As you watch the interview, take notice how she goes quiet, gives me lots of air, puts me at center stage, and gets me to dive deeper into my story simply by holding the space. All you coaches out there, take notes!

Her dream is to be the next Oprah/Ellen. For now I’m calling her O’Ellen. This girl has the goods!

I hope the interview taps one of your emotions: anger, frustration, sadness (I made Jenny tear up,) joy, hope, possibility, etc. and gets you to move towards something you want more of in your personal or professional life.

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