I just returned from seeing “Wild,” a film based on the memoir of Cheryl Strayed. It’s the story of a 26 year old woman, played by Reese Witherspoon, who treks 1,100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail hoping for personal reflection and transformation.

With no prior hiking experience, she makes a knee jerk decision to get away from it all by walking through the wild of the PCT to escape the emotional scars of her Mom’s young death at 45, her recreational use of heroin, and her divorce.

Along the journey, Cheryl encounters numerous characters where she must quickly evaluate the other person’s motives and decide how she wants to show up.

I was mesmerized by the roller coaster of each engagement, watching in amazement how Cheryl/Reese skillfully weaves in and out of a situation simply by tapping into her emotional intelligence.

One minute I was slumped in my seat, holding my breath, wondering how she was going to negotiate her way to a good place, and the next minute I was exhaling, diving my hand into the large $8.50 tub of popcorn.

What I noticed was, in each precarious situation, Reese’s character always kept calm, not once ever revealing her insides were quaking.

Emotional intelligence is awareness of self and of others, in every occurrence, then in the spur of the moment making sound decisions that lead to a successful outcome.

Ron Bonnstetter, TTI SI’s (my assessments company) Senior VP of R&D, recently spoke before nearly 2,000 attendees to discuss the Science of Self™, emotional intelligence and other human resource problems facing organizations today, including lost productivity, recruitment and retention, training, conflict resolution and negative co-workers.

Dr. Bonnstetter poses by amplifying our self-awareness, we can capacitate ourselves to make better decisions and perform at a higher level as scenes unfold in work and in life. Bonnstetter also discussed ongoing brain-wave research taking place at TTI’s state of the art research lab that provides real time brain images that are analyzed to determine how decisions are made.


End Game Business is a certified distributor of TTI Success Insights behavioral assessments. We help organizations uplevel the skills of their team with the use of a tool called TriMetrix HD.

TriMetrix HD will be a useful tool for you if:

  • You want your team to do more, with less, in less time
  • You’re a business owner and you’re struggling to stay focused
  • You’re a salesperson and you’re not making quota
  • Your leaders are too dependent on their CEO
  • Your team doesn’t trust each other
  • You’re in career transition and can’t find a way out of this job


If you’re interested in learning more, contact me for a consultation.

Photo by Miguel Vieira.

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