A few weeks ago I made an assumption regarding a situation and I was caught off guard.

I’m producing a play (my 7th) and we were scheduled to have our first technical rehearsal on a Sunday at 2p. That’s where you make sure the lighting is hitting the stage just right and the sound effects and microphones are working as required. When I arrived at the theatre my director and technical team were just sitting there. They said “Do you have the key to the control room?” That’s where the lighting and sound gear call home. I told them no because I assumed the director had the key. He always has had the key for the last five years I’ve worked with him. Guess what, he didn’t have it and our rehearsal was delayed for about 90 minutes.

I’m usually a stickler for details and I was 110% sure we were ready to go that day. I assumed. I was embarrassed.

Are you making assumptions about your business? Your customers are quiet and there are no complaints. Employees seem to be happy and it looks like everything is fine. Don’t assume. Get out there and ask questions of your clients, employees, and partners. By being proactive you won’t be surprised in the end.

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