Today on Twitter, I searched the keyword string “I hate my job.” In one hour, approximately 150 people tweeted a version of this phrase.

A few examples:

OhaiBrandon ~ “I hate holidays and my job.”

CrumpidyAshley  ~ “I really (expletive) hate my job. I think it might be time to find a new one.”

Taybonaa ~  “I don’t want to wake up in my 40’s and hate my job.”

C0rpsehucker ~  “Lol I hate my job. Someone please hire me.”

jRudy93 ~ “I hate my job so much.”

There were over 145 more. In only 3,600 seconds!

They hate their job, boss, industry, co-workers, etc.  All of these people have many things in common. For the most part, they’re all drifting. They’re all settling.

The main focus of my coaching practice are business owners, CEO’s, high potentials, and salespeople.

During the year, I get many calls from people seeking my help with their career. They want to be doing something better with their lives. One problem.

They’re stuck in the pea soup and can’t see a way out.

There’s an answer to envisioning a high definition picture of what’s next. It’s called “Now What – 90 Days To A New Life Direction” based on the book by Laura Berman Fortgang. I’m a certified licensee of the Now What process and was trained by Laura herself.

I used the proven concepts of “Now What” to transform my life. I left a successful career as a sales executive in the computer industry and built a global executive and leadership coaching practice.

“Now What” is a 12 week program about discovering the who, of you.

As a professional coach, certified in the “Now What” process, I’ll be your Dormant Potential Revealer, by your side, every step of the way.

I won’t promise you’ll have a new job or business that’s up and running in three months. I will say this. If you do the work, you’ll have a high definition picture of what your next chapter looks like.

“It’s not WHAT you do, but WHO you get to be.” Laura Berman Fortgang

Do you know, 71% of the workforce are disengaged from their work? They have jobs that pay the light bill, but it doesn’t light them up!

The beauty of the Now What process is it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. At the end of 90 days, you’ll be a totally different person. As one client put it, “I’m free!”

There’s a way out of your dreadful career. Let me show you the way!

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Photo courtesy of mickyc82.

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