In the workforce today, successful managers and supervisors do more then just oversee and delegate tasks to their team members. As direct factors in retention and performance results, employee coaching, team building and development initiatives are at the top of their list of duties.

Managers who truly know and understand their employees will focus on the customized aspect of coaching and pinpoint the strategies that will produce significant results. After all, each team member is unique. Then again, it takes months to understand new hires or even those that have been on board for years. After all that time, does a manager truly understand them? Even if they do, managing each person is an improv in itself.

Tools for Effective Coaching

Coaching can be done at a whole new level when you have the tools to understand how someone acts, communicates and behaves, what values they hold that motivates them to action, and what personal skills they have, or do not have, that would contribute to the job. With this information, development plans can be directed towards an employee’s individual areas of improvement and the right rewards can be utilized to drive motivation. All the while, your manager can be coaching in a way that is most effective with the employee’s unique behavioral style.

Assessing behaviors, motivators, personal skills and talents, and acumen with TriMetrixHD Assessment is a simple and powerful way to turn your managers into coaches they need to be. In fact, you’ll be turning them into leaders and achieving traction quicker. The bigger benefit is your team members will feel you’re making a concerted effort to understand them as a person.

Contact me now to discover how your managers will have a humongous impact on job performance, employee retention, and the bottom line by using these coaching reports.

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