“It’s Not About The Nail” video is not only funny but I find it also raises the awareness for coach mentees and coaching students at Coach University regarding ICF Core Competency number four; Coaching Presence.

Give it a watch.

Whenever I’m on a coaching call, I never assume what the client is thinking, believing,  feeling, etc. Even if I’ve gone through a similar or identical experience.

One of the most important things I can do is consistently practice Presence when I’m with a client. In fact, some in the coaching profession would take a stance of saying Presence is more important than the coaching itself.

Think about it.

When was the last time you had a conversation with someone and they were fully present? Meaning, they truly cared about what you thought, believed, felt, etc. They were leaning in on your every word looking to better understand where you were coming from.

If you’re a coach, in what way do you uplevel your coaching presence with clients to deliver the utmost value?

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