Prospective clients typically ask for a consultation before they hire me.

The consultation is as much for the prospects benefit as it is for me, their prospective coach. It’s a time to get to know one another.

During the 20 minute consultation, (this is a consultation, not a coaching call) I ask the client a number of questions to get a feel for:

Invariably, the prospect wants to know how I’ll go about helping them crush their endgame.  What will I do to ensure their success so we’re both celebrating, dancing across the finish line, and high-fiving each other in the end zone, so to speak.

This question is impossible to answer in black and white language in that every client has a unique path.

For example. I can have 10 entrepreneurial clients all chasing the same endgame. Let’s say to build a profitable business.

The road map for each person will be completely different!

Coaching is not paint by numbers.


Clients are human beings with varying degrees of:

  • History
  • Behavioral style
  • Values
  • Situations
  • Their present state of thinking
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Hunger (how badly they want it)

To name a few.

Coaching is both an art and science with numerous nuances along the journey of the clients endgame.

Just because someone calls themselves a coach doesn’t ensure they’ll be able to take you to the promised land!

The barrier to entry to become a coach is lower than a limbo bar.

Coaching isn’t paint by numbers.

The successful coach has spent years, decades, etc. investing sweat equity and significant bank to acquire a slather of skills that delivers uber value for their client.

As the prospective client, you need to be aware there is a lot of bad coaching going on out there. Ya, I just said that.

Before you hand over your credit card digits, I implore you to perform due diligence on the coach you’re about to hire.

Coaching is not a paint by numbers exercise where anyone can do it.

It’s more about the client and coach starting with a blank canvas and seeing what magic appears in the process.

The highly skilled coach is curious about the uniqueness of the client in such a way that the client decides which colors of the palette to dip their brush into.

The clients magnum opus will evolve over a natural time and pace based on who they are, who they want to become, and what they want to create.

♫ I still fall on my face sometimes
And I can’t colour inside the lines
‘Cause I’m perfectly incomplete
I’m still working on my masterpiece
And I, I wanna hang with the greats
Got a way to go, but it’s worth the wait
No, you haven’t seen the best of me
I’m still working on my masterpiece ♪♫

What about you? Are you ready to finally focus on your masterpiece?

Feel free to contact me for a complimentary consultation to see if we’ll make a great duet.




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