Ken Duke. You’ve never heard of him? Neither did I until a few weeks ago.

Ken’s a professional golfer.

After 187 starts on the PGA tour, at the age of 44, Ken captured his first PGA title by winning the Travelers Championship in a sudden death playoff.

Ken attributes his success to  legendary Hall of Fame instructor, 86 year old, Bob Toski.

“Bob Toski has changed my life, changed my swing, and the consistency is night and day. And it’s just been great. It’s fun to play golf. You’re not fighting it all the time.” ~ Ken Duke

Mr. Toski pointed out something in Ken’s swing.  I won’t get into technical golf mumbo jumbo. I’ll just say, Toski suggested Ken swing in a way that was more in line with his natural setup and motion.

The coach unleashed the authentic style of the client.

All of us need to uncover our authentic style. Especially leaders.

Leaders walk around being something that they’re not. It looks unnatural. Awkward. Calculated. Fake. Inauthentic.

You’re probably asking, how come leaders fake it?

Leaders are afraid of showing their true colors. They’re insecure. They believe it’s more important to look good, rather than be their natural self.  Their true self has blemishes. Warts. Wrinkles. Acne. Cold sores. God forbid the team sees all that!

Leaders fail to realize those imperfections are what makes them human beings. Followers relate to humans. They don’t relate to robots, actors, avatars, etc.

The second thing Toski provides is presence.

“Just good vibes come from when I am around him. It’s really special.” ~ Ken Duke

When I’m in a telephone or Skype coaching session, I’m 100% focused on my client. What’s important to them today? Where do they want to go?

Over the years, I’ve come to realize:

Being present is the most important gift I can give my client.

As a coach, I bring the gift of presence to clients to unleash their dormant potential by shining a light on their authentic self.

If you’re a leader, what can you do this week to unleash the dormant potential of your team?

Steve Borek is a Professional Certified Coach and founder and CEO of End Game Business.

Photo by Bill Selak


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