Coach In A Box

coachinabox1Are You Performing Consistently at Your Personal Best?

If you are a Sales Professional, Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Athlete, or Coach, this coach in a box system is the key to your success!

  • Are you constantly being pulled in many directions?
  • Do you have ADD or ADDHD?
  • Do you set goals and find yourself falling short?
  • Do obstacles and setbacks get in the way of achieving both your personal and professional goals?

Coach In A Box Will Transform Your Results

This goal crushing system is a short, powerful program based on scientifically-backed studies demonstrating that specific habits of the mindset drive success in life; personally and professionally. These compelling data come from the field of Positive and Peak Performance Psychology, which supports that a positive mindset allows us to remain resilient in the face of challenges, be more productive, thrive and achieve the results we want in our life.

This system is the result of extensive review and analysis of this evidence which is then summarized into a compact, powerful program which reveals the 6 consistently proven, highly effective habits of success. The program is also easy to apply and sustain by spending just 10 minutes a day. The results? These coach in the box habits become your habits and you go from spinning your wheels to having traction.

The results you can expect to achieve with Coach In A Box:

  • You’ll have a competitive edge and increased resiliency to handle obstacles.
  • Sustained performance to stay on track.
  • Accelerated goal momentum to achieve maximum results.
  • A system that puts you on “auto pilot” to achieve your goals in an effortless way.


“I’m focused on my revenue goals and my sales numbers are the best they’ve ever been. This system has done wonders for my personal life and I’m more relaxed.”

Dennis Hughes, Nationwide Insurance Owner Agent


“Being a Type A sales rep with ADD, I was looking to get a daily focus and crush my goals. I’ve purchased other systems that were four times the price yet fell short. Steve’s mPwr10 system delivers. Eighteen months later, Steve’s system has me on track and it takes only 10 minutes a day. Steve’s knowledge and ability to unleash my dormant potential and reveal what was holding me back shined through. Inside the first two months, it was evident that all the questions and changes paid off. If you want to take your game to the next level, hire Steve today.”

Brennon Bower, Account Executive, ABS


To start shifting your mindset and transforming results, contact Steve Borek at End Game Business to arrange a 90 minute one-on-one webinar or in person seminar for your team.

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