You only have one chance to make a good impression. You’ve heard this before, right?

Well, sometimes our first impression is wrong.

My impression has changed, for the better, regarding the fast food Mexican chain, Chipotle.

I’ve eaten at Chipotle before and I would categorize their food as average cuisine. Looks Mexican, tastes like Mexican, though I’m not a raving fan of their version of it.

My favorite places for Mexican are Boom Boom Mex Mex and Alto Cinco here in Syracuse. My best latino food experience was out west in the Scottsdale, AZ area. I can’t remember the name of the joint, only to say, Yummo!

After seeing the new Chipotle ad, (watch it below) my attitude about the food and the company has changed. Forever.

The fast food burrito chain announced a new game called The Scarecrow. The game’s purpose is to educate the public on social issues regarding food.  The associated film has Fiona Apple singing “Pure Imagination,” originally done in the movie “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

This vid pulled the strings of many of my emotions.

Something you don’t know about me. I’ve produced eight plays and have been involved with a half dozen other shows behind the scenes. I know a quality production when I see one.

The Chipotle ad has many layers including: message, story, quality animation, purposeful background music, makes you smile, makes you angry, makes you sad, and makes you think.

Chipotle’s vision is to become the first restaurant in the USA to rid it’s menu of genetically engineered ingredients. When I heard that I said , WOW! What a daring goal.

The leadership team at Chipotle is reaching out to their target audience. Millennials. The entire campaign, game and digital short, is aimed at Generation Y.

Interesting enough, the Mexican restaurant chain decided not to air the ad on television. Why? Gen Y loves companies with humility. They’re averse to organizations that walk with hubris and a self grandiose, self perpetuating personality.

The ad ends with a sign reading, “Cultivate A Better World.” Other than a two second mention of the company in the end, Chipotle is never mentioned during the entire clip.

My second impression of Chipotle? I have humongous respect for their leadership team. I’ll do what I can to help raise the awareness of their brand by telling their story. I’ll also be stopping by their restaurants whenever I get a chance.

if you want to view paradise,
simply look around and view it.
anything you want to do it.
wanna change the world,
there’s nothing to it.

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