The prospect who does nothing is my biggest competitor.

The prospective client decides not to make a decision. Then again, deciding not to do anything is a decision.

Prospective clients who decide not to make a decision or not to move forward with improving their situations believe living in the land of status quo is better than making an investment in their future.

Some prospects contact me several times over a two to three year period inquiring about working with me. It’s interesting behavior.

As a professional, I extend another invitation for a consultation. They accept. Here is what usually happens during this convo:

  • They tell me their story…again.
  • They ask about my process…again.
  • They ask about my fees…again.
  • They attempt to negotiate creative payment terms…again.
  • They ask for free advice…again.

Bottom line? They had zero intention of hiring me.

In spite of their lack of transparency, I always add value to the discussion. I provide a meaningful coaching conversation. Provide free resources. Suggest alternate solutions instead of working with me.

However, this value falls on deaf ears because the prospect doesn’t have a slither of skin in the game.

All the prospect wants is an “I Dream of Jeannie” solution where their problem is instantly solved.

What’s that saying? Paraphrasing here: If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.


But then again, it’s their choice.






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