Making others happy is one of the best ways I know to have a great day for me. In fact, it adds to your bottom line.

Do you know what happens when you’re nice to someone? Both you and the person you’re kind to end up with a great feeling. Your serotonin level increases. It’s that relaxing, calming hormone that makes you feel good all over. Here’s a bonus. An observer to this act of kindness also feels good, and their serotonin levels increase as well.

It’s also been well documented that recording or writing down your acts of kindness feeds the subconscious with great thoughts. This leads to increased productivity.

The great thing about the majority of the items on this list? They cost nothing. Go ahead and have fun with this exercise.  In the end, you and everyone you touch will feel so much better.

Gotta run. I need a serotonin fix. Let’s see. Who’s next on my list?

1. Smile.
2. Help them carry something.
3. Send a thank-you email.
4. Call just to see how they’re doing.
5. Pick them flowers.
6. Cook them a nice meal.
7. Tell a joke and laugh your butts off.
8. Clean.
9. Write a love letter to a loved one.
10. Volunteer for a great community cause.
11. Bake someone brownies.
12. Praise them in public.
13. Thank them for a job well done.
14. Listen.
15. Be there when they’re in need.
16. Give a hug.
17. Spend time with them, having fun.
18. Do errands or chores for them.
19. Say I love you.
20. Help them get ahead.
21. Be proud of them.
22. Babysit if they need it.
23. House sit if they need it.
24. Buy them movie tickets.
25. Create a care package.
26. List the things you love about them.
27. Secretly leave them thank you notes.
28. Give a back rub when appropriate.
29. Love them, completely.
30. Be happy yourself.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Bucci.

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