What is your organization doing to identify, develop and maximize personal skills? 

Organizations, both profit and non profit, need to determine how to deliver more with fewer people and resources to customers who demand more for less.  The answer? Personal skills.  This is what sets great teams apart: identifying, developing and maximizing every team members unique personal skills.  But how?

Let the job talk.  Start with identifying the key accountabilities of all key positions on the team, combine these with a job assessment, and you’ll have a complete job benchmark for each position.  Next, talk to team members within the positions about the key accountabilities.  If possible, assess the individuals and compare them to the benchmark.  Then review the information for gaps or misplaced employees.  Develop those with gaps and realign those who are misplaced.  This shows constituents, management wants to minimize stress levels, and maximize resources, not cut headcount.

Once your team achieves employee-job fit, you’ll see the personal skills that have been identified are being developed and maximized.  This will lead to a more efficient, productive and engaged workforce.

Get your people in the right positions, then they’re positioned to win.

Contact End Game Business and we’ll spill the beans about the benchmark process.

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