When I work with a new client, even beforehand as a prospect, I surmise whether they’re a Master or a Dabbler.

If they’re a Master, this is great. Not too many of these client packages come through my coaching door. They’re more than welcome in my coaching cave. Any time!

Other clients come dressed as Dabblers. Yet underneath their dabbler costume there’s Master dormant potential ready to be tapped and unleashed!

Having coached hundreds and hundreds of clients, I can emphatically say most people have no idea of what they’re capable of.

The differences between Masters and Dabblers:

Masters expect struggle. Dabblers are blindsided by obstacles.

Masters learn from mistakes. Dabblers view mistakes as failure.

Masters are professional. Dabblers are amateurs.

Masters are patient. Dabblers want the quick fix.

Masters serve others. Dabblers sponge off everyone.

Masters are relaxed. Dabblers are stressed.

Masters hire coaches, consultants, etc. to get where they want to go 10 times quicker. Dabblers see hiring someone as a painful expense.

Masters have a vision. Dabblers drift like a stick floating downstream without direction.

Masters are revered. Dabblers are seen as unimportant.

Masters attract. Dabblers repel.

Masters expect to succeed. Dabblers have no idea.

Masters are confident. Dabblers are unsure.

Masters want it more. Dabblers don’t know what they want.

Masters understand the long way is the short way. Dabblers think the short way is the short way. When in fact, it’s the long way.

Masters spend 20% of their time on important stuff. Dabblers don’t know what’s important.

Masters stay focused on what’s required for success. Dabblers stay busy but don’t achieve anything significant.

Masters measure their progress. Dabblers have no measuring stick.

Masters are willing to jump and figure it out on the way down. Dabblers need everything to be perfect before they leap.

Masters expect opportunity to come their way. Dabblers can’t see opportunity.

Masters don’t feel the world owes them anything. Dabblers expect everything to be handed to them.

Masters say “Why not me?” Dabblers say “I’m not good enough or ready enough.”

Masters make a dent. Dabblers are inconspicuous.

What can you add to the list?

Photo by Vern Southern.

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