“WHO” is Steve Borek

I help you or your organization to get you to where you want to go, just quicker.

By working with me, you’ll build a business and brand where customers say they’d be out of their minds to do business with anyone but you! I’ll make you irresistible.

Your employees will become raving fans! They’ll be your number one recruiter. You’ll attract the best talent. Your team will “want” to stay and help you build that dream organization you’ve always imagined.

I love, love, love working with Generation Y. Why? We light each other up! I transform Millennial talent (folks in their 20’s to early 30’s) to perform and think like someone 10 years their senior.

You’re in a job that sucks and want a fulfilling career that pays the light bill and lights you up! Yes, you can have it.

I have two wonderful, brilliant, beautiful children.

In my spare time I enjoy moving my body. Running, hiking, snowshoeing, golf, scuba, and yoga. The practice of yoga has changed my life.

I’ve produced eight plays. I took up piano late in life. The right side of my brain finally woke up! 😉

I love giving back. I’ve volunteered for many great causes including serving as a director on various boards.





If what I’ve described is something you want more of in your personal and professional life, let’s discuss the possibilities of working together:




  • PCC  – Professional Certified Coach
  • CUCG – Coach U Certified Graduate
  • BCC  – Board Certified Coach
  • PMC – Professional Mentor Coach
  • Coach Inc Faculty Leader
  • The Leadership Challenge Facilitator
  • Team Advantage Facilitator
  • Licensed Facilitator – Now What, 90 Days To A New Life Direction
  • MBA, Syracuse University (Cum Laude) International Business
  • B.S., Mercy College (Cum Laude) Accounting & Finance
  • Featured blogger for Erickson College International
  • Host, Profit Lounge SIG for Professional Coaches
  • Certified Behavioral Analyst – TriMetrix HD Assessments
  • NLP Practitioner – Certified by Dr. Richard Bandler, Society of NLP
  • Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce – Director
  • Baldwinsville Theatre Guild – Former Director

Learn more about me at http://steveborek.brandyourself.com

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