I’m writing the update to my 30 Day Challenge at 7a on a chilly fall Sunday morning, seated on a tan leather weathered sofa, sipping Tazo green ginger tea, leaning into a flex blue gel ice pack perfectly positioned on my aching lower back. Other than the minor infirmity, I’m jazzed by the progress of my 30 day challenge, 14 days in.

Last Friday, I had my first meeting with Thomas Phelps, a new friend I met on LinkedIn. (Check out his great writing on the sales profession at About.com.) My yoga class was scheduled just before our meet, so, I wouldn’t have time to shower and change into business attire. Thursday, I sent Tom a confirmation email, saying I’m so focused on my 30 day, I’d be showing up in a New Balance running suit vs. a Brooks Brothers blazer. He was cool with it, and energetically, cheered me on.

The intermediate class I took on Friday morning is called Vinyasa Flow. It sounds beautiful doesn’t it? Not! VF kicked my ass! This is yoga aerobics. You “flow” from one challenging position to the next, in dance like fashion. Not only was this the most strenuous class yet, I had to watch my more advanced yoga classmates perform these contorted moves with ease and grace.

The closest I felt to the “flow” part of the 75 minute Vinyasa session, was the stream of perspiration flowing off my face, down on to my $75 Manduka navy blue mat. I felt like Patrick Ewing, former NBA NY Knick great, dripping profusely at the foul line.

Greg Morgans, an experienced instructor at CNY Yoga Center, was a participant in the class and positioned directly in front of me. I took advantage of this opportunity to study his movements and replicate his form. Let’s just say, I have a ways to go, before I can step in the same circle as Master G.

I’m learning, Yoga is a humbling experience.

How’s your 30 Day Challenge going? Do you have a sense you’re creating a worthwhile habit?

I really appreciate those that have sent me their journals, describing your thoughts going through the 30 Day Challenge process.

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